Some people don't mind taking tests. For others, it's an excruciating ordeal. Either way, anybody who wants the Project Management Professional (PMP)®  certification needs to go through the process.  IT Business Edge recently reached out to Prometric’s CEO and President, Charles Kernan, to get answers to some commonly asked questions for the 200-question, multiple-choice PMP® examination since Prometric is the only firm authorized to administer it.

  • IT Business Edge: What are some best practices that candidates should consider if they’re preparing to take the PMP exam?
  • Kernan: Preparation is the key to passing the exam.  PMI publishes the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide, considered the “bible” to project management practitioners. Thorough knowledge of the PMBOK guide is essential for success on the exam. In addition, candidates should consider training and education that is delivered through an authorized channel of corporations, consultants, universities and specialized training companies with a focus on project management.
  • IT Business Edge: What should candidates expect when they show up at a Prometric test center to take the PMP certification exam?
  • Kernan: Candidates can expect to enter a professional, high stakes testing environment. They will be greeted by a test center administrator who will verify their identification and their eligibility to take the exam. They will be asked to store their belongings in a secure locker before entering the testing area. Testing center staff will instruct candidates on break and other PMI exam policies and once again confirm their identity and conduct a security inspection before accompanying them to their exam stations. The process is intended to maintain Prometric’s and PMI’s commitment to security while creating an encouraging atmosphere in which candidates are able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.
  • IT Business Edge: How often is the PMP exam administered at a Prometric center?
  • Kernan: The PMP is delivered continuously, meaning that candidates take the exam every day throughout the world.
  • IT Business Edge: How many markets (geographies) is the PMP exam available in via the Prometric network of testing centers?
  • Kernan: The PMP exam is available in all U.S. states and territories, plus 160 countries around the world. We can and do bring the PMP and other exams to wherever candidates are located.

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